(Sarasota, FL) The U.S. sales

(Sarasota, FL) The U.S. sales and marketing offices of Japan-based Sapporo Precision Bearings has discovered an unusual market for the firm’s miniature ball bearings: Yo-Yo’s.

Mitchell Dutton, President of Sapporo’s U.S. offices, located in Sarasota, FL, reports an increased interest by both professionals and devoted amateurs in customizing their Yo-Yo’s for maximum performance.

“Our bearings are sold as an aftermarket product to a select group of purchasers who then design their own high performance Yo-Yo’s”, Dutton stated. “While Yo-Yo’s may seem like an unusual end-use, it doesn’t surprise us that the reliability and consistent quality of our bearing’s has been embraced by that market’s most discerning customers. The fact is that, SPB/EZO bearings are used daily by a diverse group of manufacturers for products such as roller blade wheels and skate boards to medical equipment, food processing machinery and products used in the aerospace industry. Our precision ball bearings play a critical role in the manufacture of all these products,” Dutton explained.

SPB-USA, LLC is the sole factory-direct sales and marketing company located in the United States of Sapporo Precision, Inc. for EZO and SPB precision ball bearings. For a descriptive brochure, contact SPB-USA. LLC at 941.358.1655 or view their website: www.spb-usa.com.

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