EZO SPB-USA PRECISION BALL BEARINGS JAPAN will exhibit at the 2016 IMTS tradeshow at the McCormick Place in Chicago, IL — September 12-17, Booth E-4725.

EZO-SPB bearings are most sought-after for use in applications such as medical devices, aerospace products, power tools, machine tools, auxiliary power supplies, blowers, actuators, gyros, generators, vacuum pumps, food processing, robotics, x-ray machines, dental drills, centerfuges, paristaltic pumps, slot cars, atvs, linear motion devices, yoyo bearings, go carts, fishing reels, snow mobiles, dental products, AC/DC motors, automotive, marine applications, rotary encoders and semi conductor manufacturing equipment.
Our sizes range from a very small .06mm bore diameter to the larger size 90mm bore diameter with a variety of closures and lubrications that stand up to the most demanding applications.

To view Sapporo’s manufacturing capabilities, production sites and EZO-SPB products, log on to www.sppc.co.jp. For additional information, please call or e-mail your request to: 941.371.1655. E-mail: info@spb-usa.com.

2257 Sarasota Center Blvd.
Sarasota, FL 34240
Phone: (941) 371-1655
Fax:(941) 371-1669
Business Type: Manufacturer

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